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Since 2005 Quality Leathers has been providing stylish protective leather apparel for the motorcycle rider. Our leather jackets are made with the highest grade cowhide and buffalo leather for your best protection, comfort and fit.  Every rider wants protection but also wants to look and feel good. That is why we offer leather apparel in a variety of colors. Basic Blacks, Autumn  Brownsand a Sexy Pink Leather Collection.

We are team of nationwide manufactures throughout the USA that offer new and unique accessories. Daytona Helmets, Phantom Motorcycle Seats and Harley Davidson Boots.

Quality Leathers provides you the with coolest riding gear at the hottest prices! FREE shipping throughout the United States with a easy exchange/return policy. We offer tips on how to find the right size and leather care tips.

How to Maintain a Leather Jacket : Leather & Fabric Care

Owning a leather jacket will require you to care for it in the proper way to ensure it’s longevity. Maintain a leather jacket with help from a third generation owner of Arrow Leathercare in this free video clip.

Expert: Bruce Gershon
Bio: Bruce Gershon is the third generation owner of Arrow Leathercare, founded in 1914.
Filmmaker: Stephen Brock

Series Description: Leather is a very durable material, but this doesn’t mean that you won’t have to perform a certain degree of maintenance on that favorite leather jacket every now and again. Get tips on leather and fabric care with help from a third generation owner of Arrow Leathercare in this free video series.

How to Waterproof Leather Shoes

Weatherproofing your leather shoes will help to protect them from water and other elements that can ruin the finish and shorten the life of your shoes.

Choose The Right Protectant for Your Shoes

Different weatherproofing products serve different purposes, so you should choose wisely. For example, if it is essential that your shoes are waterproof because you spend a lot of time in wet or messy conditions, and a pretty finish is not as is important, a beeswax product would be a better choice than a protective spray.

Beeswax products form a protective layer over the surface of the shoe or boot instead of being absorbed into the leather. This provides a better barrier against water, but the additional layers can alter the appearance of the shoes.

If the appearance of the shoe or boot is of more importance than the weatherproofing properties, a spray protectant should do the trick.

By providing a breathable barrier against mild to moderate wet conditions and dirt, this type of weatherproofing product is virtually invisible on your shoes or boots.

Joe’s Shoe Service sells a large variety of waterproofing products including those for smooth leather, suede or nubuck.

Additional Tips for Leather Shoe Care

  • If your leather shoes have a lot of old polish buildup, you may want to use a pre-cleaner.
  • Don’t try to use shoe polish to change the color of your shoes. If you need your shoe color changed, consult a shoe repair shop.
  • Remove any laces before beginning. Laces can be cleaned separately or replaced if they are in really bad shape.
  • The next time you buy a pair of leather shoes, condition them before ever wearing them. This will help insure that your shoes are best protected from the start, and will save time on future cleanings.

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How to Clean and Condition Leather Shoes

How to Clean Smooth Leather Shoes

Remove dirt by cleaning with a leather cleaner made specifically for smooth leathers. You can use saddle soap or a smooth leather shoe cleaner.

Shoe cleaners come in gels, foams, sprays, liquids and creams. Many leather cleaners come with an applicator top, or you can use a soft shoe brush to aid in removing dirt from the surface of the shoe. This will also help to remove dirt from any cracks in the shoes.

After cleaning, let the shoes dry for a few minutes and begin shining the shoes with a soft cotton cloth – either a shoe shine cloth, or even an old t-shirt, as long as it’s soft and made of cotton.

How to Condition Leather Shoes

Conditioning your leather shoes will help soften and moisturize the leather, and protect it from drying out and cracking.

Certain types of leather, and shoes worn in dryer climates might need to be conditioned more often.

Some shoe cleaning products will clean and condition your shoes, but if you want your shoes to get the full treatment, or used a product specifically for cleaning, the next step is to condition your smooth leather shoes.

Of course, you’ll want a conditioner made for the specific type of shoe you’re working on. Also, look for a natural conditioner that is absorbed into the material of the shoe, as opposed to a synthetic conditioner that sits on top of the surface.

Rub small amounts of conditioner into the shoe, until the entire shoe has been covered with conditioner. After a couple of minutes, wipe any remaining conditioner off of the shoes, as the leather will only absorb what it can.

Source: http://shoes.about.com/od/shoe_care/a/c_leather_shoes_3.htm

How to Care for Leather Shoes

Care of leather shoes is not just about making your shoes look good, which would be reason enough to take care of them. It’s also about preserving and adding to the life of your leather shoes.

Whether you spend a lot on your shoes, or are a budget-conscious shopper, taking care of your leather shoes will extend the life of your shoe and keep them looking like new for longer.

Why You Need to Care for Leather Shoes

Without proper conditioning and care, leather can dry out until it eventually cracks and falls apart, and you’ll no longer want to wear them out of the house – even if they did cost a small fortune

While some people are content to throw on a coat of shoe polish when their shoes start to look shabby, to really protect your leather shoes and keep them looking their best, there are four steps to follow.

  • Clean
  • Condition
  • Polish
  • Preserve or Weatherproof

There are important distinctions between caring for smooth leather shoes and caring for suede, exotic skins, nubuck, or athletic shoes. The following general instructions pertain to caring for smooth leather shoes, such as men’s or women’s leather dress shoes.

In the next section, we’ll address products for smooth leather shoe care, and how to prepare for a shoe cleaning session.

Source: http://shoes.about.com/od/shoe_care/a/c_leather_shoes.htm


1) Protect your boots from rain, snow and spills. The ultimate protective spray to invest isn’t just a ‘waterproof’ treatment, instead it acts as a repellent against any unexpected winter weather or spills. Leather Spa Water and Stain Protector ($14.95) works on leather, suede and fabric boots allowing a spill or liquid to sit on top of material so you can wipe away the stain before it bleeds into the shoe. You should spray your boots about once a week, applying the protector the same way you would apply hairspray.

2) Moisturize your leather. Just like you need to moisturize your skin to combat the cold weather, you also need to moisturize your leather boots regularly to preserve shine and make the leather last longer. Leather Spa offers a leather conditioner for under $10 that Mesquita recommends.

3) Repair salt or snow stains right away. Avoid the shoe damage that comes along with the “wintry mix” weather forecast by using a salt stain remover after being out in the snow or salty streets. Apply the remover as soon as possible after contact and let it airdry overnight to fix stains.

4) For more durability, add a protective rubber sole. Mesquita advises that the best thing you can do for your boots during the winter, is to add a thin protective rubber sole to an already existing sole in order to extend the life of your soles. Most shoe repair shops offer the service, which varies in price depending on the shoe, but typically ranges from $34 to $40 for slightly worn or new shoes.

5) Keep an eye on your heels. Replace damaged heels sooner rather than later. “Keep an eye on the condition of your heels,” Mesquita says, “The longer you wait to have them fixed, the more money it is going to cost you.” Instead of waiting until heels are no longer walkable, monitor their condition regularly and have them replaced when they start to wear down in order to have a less expensive fix.

6) Keep boots in shape with boot trees. Uphold the shape of tall boots by storing with a bootshaper. Leather Spa offers an adjustable bootshaper ($19.95) which matches the width and height of your shoe (and its gold hue also makes for a chic display).

7) Invest in the must-haves for suede boot care. While your leather boots can handle a run-in with rain or snow, your suede boots cannot. The essential products to take care of suede are a suede brush and suede eraser. The suede eraser acts the same as a pencil eraser in that it leaves little dustings when applied to suede, the eraser gets rid of shiny spots on suede after the fabric has been worn or faded down. The brush should then be used to brush off dustings and rebuff the suede and can also be used to remove dirt.

8) Use leather creams to treat scuffs or color fading. An easy fix to a scuff or discoloration is to apply a leather cream with a small brush. Leather Spa offers leather creams ($5.95) in over 25 different colors to match your favorite pair of boots. For more extreme fading, tears or scuffs, bring your boots into a repair shop to have them handle. “When a stronger touch up is needed, we have leather cream products that have more pigmentation—they aren’t sold to customers typically because of the strong fumes.”

9) Wipe down boots at the end of each wear. At the end of every day, wipe down your boots with a dust bag to remove any dust or dirt that has accumulated.

Source: http://www.harpersbazaar.com/fashion/trends/a4413/how-to-take-care-of-leather-and-suede-boots/

Women Leather Wallets- A Fascination For The Style Centric

Leather is always an attraction when it calls for having trendsetting stuff and leather fashion is all about being in style with what is in trend especially when it comes to going for genuine stuff with different types of hides and folds to choose from. Leather is a sensation for women, curious to be in style thinking of the latest handbags in range and often ignoring the fact, that apart from handbags there are leather wallets that steal the show. Wallets are essential to keep your valuables intact to be easily found when needed. It is always a possibility of loosing important ID proofs, ATM cards, photographs, bills, credit cards or cash which is usually kept in handbags and it is not usually done and for which it is important to have one that stores the best.

If we talk about designer fashion leather wallets, the range has all that is always the desire including immaculate trendy stuff with hides that soothes your entire demeanor and personality and handmade or machine made ladies checkbook organizer with 2 ID windows, coin pockets for your pennys tingling in it, zip pockets for additional storage and metal frame wallets with ID window and multipurpose wallets with mirror to help you in doing makeup touch ups.

Women fashion wallets are now a part of women’s fashion accessories and they now match with the color you wear. There are leather stuff with patterns like snakes skin, deer skin and lion skin in stunning blacks, browns, grays, maroons and in almost all colors in the current leather fashion. The next inclination is to have one in all leather wallets with organizer that fits in pockets and do have the capacity to hold your cash, change and even your check book, travelers checks etc. It is something that matters along with the folds that a leather wallet should have holding less space than its actual size. There are both two folds and three fold leather wallets to choose from. Wallets could be of any hide but what matters more is the one that is versatile and requires least maintenance. Quality of any leather stuff can be ascertained by its shine and to let it be the same after years of wear and tear, one most important thing is to use a little polish to make it last longer. Special oils can be purchased and one that is readily available is olive oil to add luster to leather wallets. Of course, there are many types of polishing methods that are preferred.

Now we need to know the places that sell leather wallets and gives you value for your money. Online websites can be the best shopping arena for your leather wallet buying needs as websites store all-natural leather products when going for quality. It is the all convenient way to go for genuine leather stuff with affordability that could be achieved in the most reliable manner and in a more convenient way with easy payment option, home delivery and money back guarantee with replacement options readily available at the click of a button.

About the Author

Andrew Hillery, the author for this informative article, writes about leather wallets that are the next best options after handbags from women, in designs that say it all about what is liked and longed for. She says about the all natural leather stuff that requires less maintenance with designs that make them all the more desirable. Visit for more information athttp://www.greathandbags.net.

Source: http://www.fibre2fashion.com/industry-article/4548/women-leather-wallets-a-fascination-for-the-style-centric

12 Leather Jackets Made with Style, Made for Life

When describing his friend and colleague Albert Einstein, Leopold Infeld classified him as a minimalist of sorts. Einstein kept his hair long to minimize trips to the barber; he went without socks because he could; he neglected suspenders altogether. And though not a stylish man, Einstein proved to live intuitively by a tenet of the style world: “One leather jacket solves the coat problem for many years.” (Einstein and the Theory of Relativity.)

On the scale of luxury purchases, the leather jacket sits somewhere between an uncontracted smartphone and a downpayment for a luxury car. But done right, the jacket will outlast them both. With high cost comes high quality; and over the years,marks of use will be welcome additions in the hide. Scratched zippers, faded spots, a nick or two — they’re all worthwhile, welcome wear that tells a story of experiences more elevated than those told by a cracked phone screen or dented bumper.

How to Shop for a High Quality Leather Jacket

Whether you’re looking for a lightweight, fashion-forward leather jacket or a rugged leather coat, knowing which style is right for you can be a daunting task. Here are some helpful guidelines to help you find that perfect leather jacket to that will last you many years to come.

1. Durability

One of the outstanding features of a high-quality leather jacket is its durability. Generally speaking, the larger the animal, the more substantial the leather will be, both in thickness and in weight. While a leather jacket purchased at a discount store may seem like a bargain, it won’t look as good nor last nearly as long as a premium one. The investment is well worth it: when quality leather jackets are properly cared for, they can last a lifetime.

2. Quality Workmanship

The superior quality of construction in a leather jacket shows through the attention to detail that is given by the artisan who is dedicated to producing a high-end product communicating the sense of timeless beauty. Overland works with the top leather tanneries and manufacturers of the world, and we pride ourselves on delivering the very best.

3. Types of Leather

The type of leather is a huge determining factor in a coat’s function and feel. There is no “best type” of leather; rather, each has its own unique characteristics and strengths. Here’s a breakdown of various types of leather

3. Fashion, Fit, & Extras

Another indicator of quality in a leather jacket is its cut. The care taken in constructing a beautiful, well-fitting, figure-flattering coat should be apparent. Does it fit well in the sleeves when you move your arms around? Do the zippers seem sturdy and move smoothly? Is the cut complementary to your shape? Carefully choosing a finely-crafted coat guarantees that you’ll look and feel your best, year after year.

Many leather jackets feature luxurious lining and trim that offer extra warmth and durability. Additions such as plush sheepskin lining which lends wonderful insulation, or fur trim for added elegance and luxurious warmth; these added touches can make a leather coat really stand out from the rest.

When making an investment in a high-quality leather jacket, it’s essential that you be able to trust the source. Overland has made a name for itself by only offering the finest leather products for over 40 years, and is committed to providing its customers with a range of stylish, well-crafted, and durable leather jackets at every price point.

So which leather jacket or coat is right for you? It depends! We’re incredibly proud of the quality and workmanship in all of our coats, and every single one of them is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. As you browse through the various styles, keep these factors in mind and decide which look and type of coat is best for you.

Source: http://www.overland.com/buying-guides/Guides/buying-leather-jacket.aspx

Leather Care Tips

How to care for you leather apparel

All leather garments can last a life time if stored and treated and maintained well. When purchasing a leather jacket, saddlebags, chaps you should treat and care for them as you would your motorcycle. Here are some helpful tips that we have for you to care and for your leather apparel

Cleaning your leather

  • Never use household products to clean you leather
  • You should use mild warm soapy water, baby shampoo to remove oil stains marks and odor’s Rub baby shampoo into stain and then blot with warm water.
  • Make sure soap is rinsed out before drying to avoid stiffness
  • Removing Mold and Mildew: In case mildew builds up, mix one cup of rubbing alcohol with one cup of water. Dip a clean cloth in the solution and wipe the mildewed area. For more persistent mildew, use mild soap containing germicide and water. Wipe the excess soap with a clean cloth and let dry.
  • Leather should never be dried in front of a direct heat source as this damages the leather and also causes the hide to stiffen to make sure it maintains its shape
  • Purchase a Nubuck cloth; it’s a great leather care tool for cleaning and restoring your item to its original look

How to store your leather

  • Always store your leather items in cool, dry places.
  • Leather needs to be stored in a friendly environmental space
  • Avoid exposing your leather to direct sunlight for prolonged periods
  • Never store leather in plastic bags
  • When hanging leather pants or jackets use a padded cloth hanger, Never use Metal
  • If you will be covering your leather when you are storing it; cover it with a breathable cloth like cotton sheets.
  • Do not cover your leather clothing with plastic. The plastic will cause the leather to dry out.